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A High Quality Yoga Mat is the Single Most Essential piece of Yoga or Pilates Equipment. FitnessScape sells the highest quality Yoga Mats available today. EcoWise Yoga and Pilates Mats are Ecologically Responsible so you can Workout with Peace of Mind. EcoWise Yoga Pilates Mats Have Dual Surface Textures and Soothing Pastel Colors. FitnessScape Yoga Pilates Mats are thick enough to offer Superb Cushioning and Firm enough to afford the Support you need. FitnessScape Carries Smooth Texture and Dual Surface Pilates and Yoga Mats that have one side smooth and the other side European Wavy Texture. Body Heat Retentive and Antibacterial Treated, the Closed Cell Foam Structure is impervious to water. Club use Anti-stretch Mesh Yoga Mats remain “Tacky” even when wet providing a secure grip.

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