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Lifting Straps can prevent Grip Strength from becoming the Limiting Factor on Pulling Lifts. Lifting Straps work like an extended Thumb and the weight is held by the wraps around the wrist, sharing the load with the hands. Lifting Straps are great for exercises such as Shrugs - since the weights are so substantial, Straps enable Lifters to concentrate on Traps rather than worrying about Grip. Lifting Straps are great for Getting Extra Reps on Pull-ups. and any Pulling Exercise. While there is some debate about their use for Deadlifts if you're not a competitive Powerlifter Weight- Lifting Straps are great for reaping heavy Deadlifting's Total Body Strength Benefits. Don't let Lifting Straps be a crutch or hinder Development of Grip Strength but also don't sacrifice other Major Muscle Development due to this limiting factor!