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Olympic Weight Bars are Stronger than Standard Bars start Bending around 200 - 250 lbs, even Cheap Olympic Bars will Handle 600-800 lbs Olympic Power Bars hold up to 2000 lbs. Olympic Weight Bars use Revolving Sleeves eliminating Torque during Lifts such as Snatches, Cleans and any Exercise where the Bar Rotates Rapidly, the Heavier Ends prevent tipping over when loading Olympic Plates. Olympic Bars Grip Diameters range from 25mm to 32mm.

New Sleek, 6 1/2 ft, 15kg Women's CrossFit Training Bar with 25mm Shaft that is easier to grip and control; specifically designed for CrossFit Functional Strength Training. Despite the smaller diameter, it has an Extremely Strong Yield that provides plenty of desired< em > "Whip".