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In 1996, the Infomercial Gym aired its first television infomercial featuring Chuck Norris and co-host Christie Brinkley. The infomercial gym, shown right, is a great machine with a lot of great features. But, if you are like a lot of people out there, you are sticker-shocked by the price of over $1,500 plus shipping... And you may be thinking, "There's got to be something out there... some machine that offers similar features, even some better features for less money." The good news is there is such a machine Total Trainer! It offers the same great resistance training plus added features for hundreds less than Chuck Norris's infomercial gym. Wonder how Total Trainer is a quality build machine for so little money. The answer is simple! Instead of spending millions of dollars on celebrity hosts or endorsements, Total Trainer decided to put more money into the product.