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FitnessScape offers Commercial Quality Steel Constructed Smith Machines with Solid Guide Rods that have the silky smooth action found on Commercial Gym Equipment. More than a Smith Machine these pieces come with options that make then a complete Strength Training System. Push the Envelope with Confidence. With the built-in Pec Decks and Cable Row, Lat Pull Down and Crossover Cable features add a 300lb Set and Adjustable Weight Bench you have a Complete Home Gym!

What is a Smith Machine?

The Smith machine is self-spotting weight training Equipment where a carriage consisting of a barbell that rides on Vertical Guide Rods and mat be Racked at Variety of positions. Great fur Solo Workouts.

Smith Machine Origin

The Smith machine was invented by Jack LaLanne, in the 1950s. Men's bath house manager Rudy Smith commissioned Paul Martin to improve it. Smith then installed the modified model in the gym he was managing at the time. By the end of the 1950s the Smith machine was becoming wildly popular in Gyms.