Ropeflex | Rope Pulling Machine| Rope Pull Machine | Rope Climbing Machine

Ropeflex Rope Pulling Machines deliver the benefits of Isokinetic and Aerobic Exercise. Based on simple, time-proven principles of Rope Climbing while Reducing the Risk of this Traditionally Dangerous Activity to nearly zero for individuals of any age and athletic ability. Ropeflex Rope Pulling Machines are based on a Maintenance-free Dynamic Magnetic Technology. Ropeflex Rope Pull Machines are designed with Usability and Flexibility in mind. All Ropeflex Machines come with Instructions and Illustrations of Multiple Exercises to Maximize Workout Efficiency. High Quality Ropes allow a comfortable grip, limiting friction and slippage during Rope Pulling.

Rope Pull Machine Workouts:

  • Are Minimal Impact
  • Great for Developing Functional Strength
  • Ideal for Sports Training
  • Excellent for Rehab on Both Upper and Lower Body Injuries - tension settings is easily adjustable to ability and pain tolerance

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