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The z-axis, (Linear Vibration), has the largest amplitude and is the most defining component in generating and inducing Muscle Contractions. Linear Vibration Machines improve performance when used before competition in the warm-up or pre-event phase. In just minutes on a Linear Vibration Machine increases Range of Motion and Stability providing the best warm-up before training or competing. With extensive academic and independent scientific research, Olympic sports teams throughout the world use G-POWER Vibration Machines part of their strength and conditioning programs. G-POWER exercises are designed to significantly enhance sports training as both a complement to and a substitute form of training. G-POWER is an excellent way to continuously maximize performance. As the vertical movement stimulates fast-twitch muscle fibers, athletes who use G-POWER over time experience a dramatic increase in explosive strength, motor learning, muscular endurance and overall agility.

G-Power Vibration Machines are used in Rehab in UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Asia. Ideal for Chiropractic centers, Wellness Centers, Hospitals, Home Rehabilitation and more.

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