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The NFL and other Professional and Top Sports Training Centers use G-POWER Vibration Machines for benefits ranging from Immediate Improvement in Cardiovascular Health, Increased Muscle Strength Increased Explosive Power, Better Flexibility, Range of Motion and Enhanced Stability Core Conditioning. G-POWER Vibration Machines use True Linear Vertical Motion providing the most comfortable and natural workout, while Increasing the Electromyography (EMG) Activation of Muscles 8-13% more Effectively than any other Current WBV Machines!

G-POWER Vibration Machines are:

  • 8-13% MORE Effective at Increasing Muscle Activity than Current WBV Machines
  • No Risk of Parallel Forces to joints and tendons
  • Removable Handrails allowing Full 360° Functional Movements
  • Largest selection of different Amplitudes, Frequencies, and Platform Sizes available:
  • Amplitudes from 1-30mm
  • Frequencies from 1-40 Hz