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First Degree Fitness offers a wide range of Water Rowing Machines for Home Fitness and Commercial Gyms. First Degree Fitness employs Professional Rowing Coaches in the Designing and Developing Fluid Rowers that most closely mimic Real On Water Rowing in the Privacy of your own Home. All Water Rowers are made with the Highest Quality Components such as: Anodized Aluminum Seat Rails, Concealed Air Glide Low Friction Seat Rollers, Patented Direct Drive Systems, Interactive Performance Monitors and Adjustable Resistance from Feather-light to Olympic-sprint. Triple Bladed Impeller Design delivers Instant Catch and Consistent Resistance throughout the Stroke with No Dead Spots. The Viking Series Wooden Rowing Machines are Ethically Produced in VT using Top Grade American Ash from Sustainable Plantations! First Degree Fitness is: First in Quality, First in Durability and Absolutely First in Water Rowing Machines!