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Leather, Canvas and Vinyl Heavy Bags are great for Building Power and Developing Techniques for Boxing, Martial Arts and Self Defense. Shoulders, arms, back, chest and waist are all used in generating power in punching a Heavy Bag taxing the Cardio Respiratory System building confidence. Commercial Heavy Bag Speed Bag Stands and Rock Solid Punching Bag Platforms crafted with attention to detail and forged from Commercial Rated 3” x 3” 11 gauge Steel and Adjustable Heavy Bag Wall Mounts with adjustability allows customizing Boxing Techniques. Adjustable Speed Bag Platform enhances Hand-eye Coordination, allows Faster Reactions to a Moving Target and Timing all important to any sport not just Boxing. Focus Mitts and Boxing Gloves all Sparring Gear needed for Boxing, Martial Arts and Self Defense. TKO and Fight Monkey Heavy Bags are Made in the USA!