Trap Bar | Shrug Bar | Deadlift Bar | Hex Bar

Trap Bars provides a significant advantage over Straight Bars when it comes to Shrugs Keep the Weight Centered throughout the body's Midline Reducing Low Back Stress and the neutral grip places less stress on your shoulder joints. Trap Bars with Raised handles offer Two Grips add significant difference in difficulty when switching between the Raised handle and Low Handle.

A Shrug Bar offers a great variation on Deadlifts. The Hex design makes the Lift performed in line with the Hips; a Straight Bar is held in front of the Legs making applied resistance farther from the center of mass. The Straight Bar requires more effort from the erector spinae Making Low Back injuries more likely. As an alternative to Squats, the Hex Bar Deadlift is better choice than Straight Bar Deadlifts.

Hex Bars are ideal for Building Total Body Strength and Thickness throughout the Mid-Back and Upper Traps; Shrug Bars are also great for Lunges Keeping the Resistance in line with the Hips is superior for Building Glutes.