Chin Dip | Pull-up Machine | Dip Station | VKR

Power Towers offer Bodyweight Exercises for Total Upper Body Workouts on one Fitness Station. Power Tower’s Vertical Knee Raises that Scored Second on the list of “Best Exercises for the Rectus Abdominus” according to a San Diego State University Study that Ranked Ab Exercises for Rectus Abdominus and Internal / External Oblique Muscle Stimulation, measured via EMG. Dip Handles Deliver the Best Exercise for Building Triceps and Outer Chest. Push-up Handles for Chest, Deltoids and Tricep Conditioning. Chin ups Develop Biceps and Grip Strength and Best of all are Pull-up Handles. Pull-ups Involve virtually Every Upper Body Muscle Group! A Big Bench is Great, but Pull-ups are the True Test of Upper Body Strength. Total Upper Body Training, no Weights Needed!