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Most Barbell Triceps Exercises are performed with a pronated, (overhand), grip. A study published in "The American Journal of Occupational Therapy" tests showed grip strength and using a Neutral Forearm Position provided a Stronger Grip than a pronated position, (this is one reason Dips are so effective!). Tricep Bars are designed for Neutral-Grip Exercises. Obviously Triceps Bars are great for Overhead Extensions, Lying "Nose Breakers" and other Triceps Exercises. A Triceps Bar also makes it easy to keep elbows close to the body for Close-grip Triceps Bench Pressing. An Olympic Triceps Bar is great for Hammer Curls, Neutral-grip Bent-over Rows, Neutral-grip Overhead Presses and Front Raises. Triceps Bars are a versatile tool for effective Triceps Training, Outer Head Bicep Exercises as well as Back and Shoulder Workouts.