Bumper Plates | Technique Plates

Bumper Plates arose from the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. In the 1950s Liters used Iron Plates and Competitors needed to lower Barbells under control or risk disqualification, dropping Iron Plates damaged Floors and the Barbell. Athletes are now far too strong. Heavyweight lifters are approaching a 500lb Snatch and a 600lb Clean and Jerk; forget about lowering these weights under control .Bumper Plates Transfer and Disperse the Force to the Barbell.

FitnessScape offers Competition Rubber Bumper Plates some with a Dead Blow when dropped others with Low-Medium Rubber Bounce. Bumper Plates made with Exacting Standards Routinely Outperform more Expensive Technique Plates Some Tested to Withstand 30,000 Drops with Center Steel Hubs for a Thinner, more Durable Core and superior to brass which tend to come loose over time.