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Commercial Gym Equipment Weight Benches Affordable enough for Home Gyms. Why Settle for "Light Commercial" or "Residential" when you can afford Rugged Full Commercial Durability! The Commercial Gym weight Benches on this page are all 2 x 3 inch and 2 x 4 inch Industrial Grade 11 Gauge Steel with Weight Capacities up to 1500 lbs! Outstanding Design Flat to Incline and FID Benches allow even the most advanced Lifters a Dumbbell Workout Blasting the Chest from every Possible Angle; Great for Brutally Effective Power Rack, Power Cage and Smith Machine Workouts. Ideal Affordable Benches for Gyms, YMCA's, Schools ... FREE Shipping in the Contiguous United States.

Flat / Incline / Decline Benches

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XMark Full Commercial FID Bench

Power Series XM-9010 Easily Handles 1500 lbs. offers unbeatable comfort, durability and adjustability from 20° Decline to 85° Incline. 7 Back Position 3 Ergonomic Seat Positions meeting any users demands. XMark’s Power Series is Affordable Full Commercial Gym Equipment for use in: Health Clubs, Prisons, Military Bases, Schools and Universities .. More on the Power Series XM-9010

The XMark XM-9010 Power Series Adjustable FID Bench offers unbeatable comfort, durability and adjustability
XMark 9011Power Series Bench

Power Series XM-9010 Easily Handles 1500 lbs. Tapered Back Support Back while the Slimmer Top Provides the Shoulders with a Full Range of Motion. 7 Back Positions ranging from a 20° Decline to an 85° Incline. The Seat has 3 Ergonomic Positions. Affordable Full Commercial Gym Equipment for use in: Gyms, Health Clubs, Prisons, Military Bases, Schools and Universities ... More on the XM-9011 Power Series Commercial FID Bench

XMark 9013 Power Series Bench

XMark XM-9013 Power Series Full Commercial FID Bench with Safety Spotters U-shape Frame Design Eliminates the Gap between the Back Pad and Seat. The Tapered Back Support Back with a Slimmer Top Provides the Shoulders with a Full Range of Motion Diamond Plated Safety Spotter Platforms allow users to push the envelope Heavy Commercial Grade 2” x 3” Steel Easily Handles 1500 lbs ... More on the XM-9013 Power Series Commercial Adj Bench,

XMark 11-Gauge Flat Incline Bench XM-7472

XMark Commercial 11-Gauge (FID) Flat Incline Decline Bench XM-7472 features a 1500 lb. Weight Capacity will never fail while Blasting Chest from 7 Angles! Adjust from Flat to 90° Military Press Position. includes an Ergonomic 3 Position Seat, Oversized Vinyl Covered Rollers, Bolted-on Skid Resistant Fee, and Extra Thick 3” Duracraft Padding … More on the XM-7472 Flat Incline Decline Bench

Full Commercial Flat to Incline Bench

Rugged Full Commercial Flat/Incline Dumbbell Bench all, 11Gauge Steel 0-90° adjustability with 10 Position Back and 4 Position Seat to Blast your Chest from virtually any Angle. Great for Health Clubs, YMCA's ... More on the Yukon's Commercial Flat to Incline Bench

Element Commercial Flat to Incline Bench

Why Settle for "Light Commercial" or Home Use when you can buy Full Commercial Gym Equipment Durability with the Element Fitness Adjustable Bench. Adjusts to Blast Pecs from Multiple Angles, Flat to Incline Chest Workouts on up to 90º for Shoulder Presses Rugged Black Upholstery over Contoured Ultra-High Density Foam Padding. Wider Rear Legs offer Superior Stability … More on the Element Fitness Adjustable Bench

XMark XM-7603 Flat-Incline Bench

XMark® XM-7603 Flat to Incline Weight Bench is 11-gauge 2" x 3" Commercial Gym Equipment. Ergonomically Crafted and Adjustable Seat with Ultra-thick 3" Duracraft™ cushions offer firm support under the heaviest loads. 11 incline back adjustments, 3 positions on seat adjustments … More on the XMark® XM-7603 Flat to Incline Weight Bench

Body Solid Powerlift Commercial FID Bench

Heavy Duty Flat/ Incline/Decline Weight Benc! Made Famous on the Powerlift Leverage Gym .Adjusts to 9 Different Angles! Commercial 10 Gauge 3 x 3 inch Heavy Steel Frame, A true Best Buy Dumbbell Bench! ... More about the Body Solid Powerlift Bench

XMark XM-7604 FID Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7604 FID Bench is Commercial Gym Equipment constructed of 2” x 3” 11-gauge Steel with a 1500 pound weight capacity! Blast Chest from every angle with the 3-position Seat and 7-position Ladder Back adjustment. Extra thick firm tear and sweat resistant 3” Duracraft Cushion … More on the XMark XM-7604 FID Bench

Element Fitness Commercial FID Bench

You Deserve the Full Commercial Durability offered by the Element Fitness FID Bench. It adjusts to Blast Pecs from virtually Any Angle. have a Brutal Complete Chest Workout with 8 Positions of Flat/Incline/Decline Benching and 90º Military Presses. Contoured Ultra-High Density Foam Wider Rear Legs offer Exceptional Stability. … More on the Element Fitness FID Bench 824

XMark XM-7630 FID Commercial Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7630 Commercial Rated Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench 11 gauge 2” X 3” Steel Constructed Dumbbell Bench permits to Targeting Chest, Back, Shoulders and Arms with Seven Ladder Back Adjustments and Three Seat Adjustments allow you to customize Strength Training Workouts … More on the XM-7630 Dumbbell Bench

XMark XM-7629 FID Ab Versa Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7629 Commercial FID and Ab Versa Weight Bench permits a great Upper Body Workout Combo Bench combines an Ab Bench and FID Weight Bench for Upper Body Workouts 7 Back adjustments and 6 Seat Adjustments Chest, Shoulder and Ab Workouts ... More on the XM-7629 Ab Versa Weight Bench

XM-7628 Commercial FID Ab Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7628 Commercial Rated FID and Ab Combo Weight Bench is specifically designed for performing Bench Pressing from a Variety of angles and Effective Abdominal Workouts. Fold up this FID and Ab Combo Weight Bench Backrest for Seated Dumbbell Raises, 6 Seat Positions and 4 Leg Position … More on the XM-7628 Commercial Rated FID/Ab Combo Weight Bench

XMark XM-7631 Combo Weight Bench

The XMark XM-7631 is 4 Weight Benches in one: Hyperextension, Preacher Curl, Ab Bench and an FID Weight Bench. A Rugged Commercial 11 gauge 2” x 3” Steel for a Upper Body Training System ideal for Dumbbell Workouts and compatible with nearly all Smith Machines and Power Cages … More on the XM-7631 Combot Bench

Valor BD-2 Bench Press Stands

Buy the Bench you want with the Valor BD-2 Bench Press Stands! Weight Load Force is Directed Downwards, as opposed to an Extension Arm (as with a Squat Stand), providing better stability. Designed specifically for Flat and Incline Bench Pressing, (Units are not high enough to be used for Squats). ... More on the the BD-2 Bench Press Stands

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