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Legend 3229 Pro Lever Row | Gym Equipment

Legend 3229 Pro Incline Leverage Row Machine Blasts Back for Batwing Lats. Stop wasting time with Standing Barbell Rows that use most of your energy just keeping the Body Stable use the Legend Incline Lever Row for Chest Supported T-Bar Rows. The Legend 3229 Incline Lever Row is still a Classic Weight Machin and by . Reducing Low Back Strain puts the emphasis on Back Training. The Legend 3229 Pro Incline Leverage Row Trains the entire Back with Neutral Grip Handles as well as Overhand and Underhand Grips where you can vary the width of your grip!. The Pro Series Incline Lever Row also has an Adjustable Footplate providing Maximum Comfort for different size users. Made in the USA with Tennessee Pride! Shipping Charges Apply on all Legend Strength Equipment. Please Allow 8-10 weeks for Delivery.




  • 302lbs
  • 86"X40"X50"

Call to 800-749-5895 Monday thru Friday 10:00 AM to 6 PM CST and Request a Freight Quote or Email specify Legend Fitness Equipment Desired and Supply Contact Info (Name, Address and Telephone Number) and we will Respond within 2 Business Days. Shipping Charges Vary. Ship to Address is Required. Heavy Discounts on Large Orders!

Legend Fitness has established the following pad color standards for LEGEND Fitness systems Naugahyde® Brand Spirit Millenium are used exclusively in LEGEND equipment
LEGEND Fitness systems uses Dupont’s TGIC Polyester Powder Coated Finish
Code: pro-lever-row
Price: $1,129.00