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Pacific Challenge AR Rower

Pacific Challenge AR Rower

Code: pacific-fluid-rower

Price: $1,199.00

Out of Stock
The Pacific Challenge AR delivers a Great Rower Workout at Home. First Degree Fluid Rower Machines are designed and engineered by craftsmen using only the highest quality components ensuring complete satisfaction of function, performance and reliability.


The Pacific Challenge AR Row Machine instantly adapts from a light warm-up to a fierce workout with Fluid Resistance. The Pacific Challenge AR Rower Machine Delivers the Feel of “On Water” Rowing. The Pacific Challenge AR offers Adjustable Resistance via a Multi-Chamber, Ribbed Tank. The Pacific Challenge AR delivers a Great Rower Workout at Home. Free Shipping in the Contiguous United States.

Pacific Challenge AR Rower Machine Larger Image

Performance Monitor of the Pacific Challenge AR Displays:
  • Time
  • Distance
  • 500m split time
  • Strokes per min
  • Calories per hour
  • Watts
  • Interval training
Programs of Pacific Rower:
  • Quick Start
  • Manual
  • Interval
  • Unique Pacer System
  • Changes can be made "On the Fly"

Pacific Challenge AR Features Include:

  • Folds for Easy Storage
  • Fluid Resistance: Applies Fluid Resistance Technology - Water - Nature's Perfect Resistance.
  • Tough polycarbonate tank with marine grade, stainless steel internals.
  • Variable Water: Volume from 9 to 17 liters.
  • Superior Seat Rail: Highest quality anodized aluminum for smoothness, appearance, strength and durability
  • Seat Mechanism: Super comfortable seat running on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness.
  • Footboard offers a Unique Heel Support System: Instantly adjusts to foot size. You can row in trainers, sneakers, socks or bare feet
  • Ergonomic Handle: Intelligently designed to prevent strain on arms, wrists and hands. Belt drive ensures you only feel the fluid resistance.
  • In-Built Transit Wheels: Light and easy to move on any surface.
  • Pivoting Footboards: Perfectly balanced to pivot on the line of thrust. No need to adjust for foot size. Comfort, strength and ease of use.
  • Outstanding Attention to Detail: Designed and engineered by craftsmen using only the highest quality components to ensure complete satisfaction of function, performance and reliability.
  • Upright Storage: 53 x 51cm (21 x 20")
  • Length: 1975mm (77.8")
  • Width: 530mm (20.9")
  • Height: 510mm (20.1")
  • Maximum User Weight: 136kg / 300 lbs
  • Frame: 5 years
  • Tank & Seals: 2 years
  • Non-Wearning Components: 2 years
  • All Others: 1 year

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