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Don't Sacrifice your major Muscle Groups; use Lifting Straps to overcome the limits of Grip Strength! Choose Basic Lifting Straps, Padded Lifting Straps, or Schiek’s Dowel Lifting Straps for a wedge between the hand and bar. All USA made Knee Wraps for Heavy Dead Lifting, Competition Power Lifting and Olympic Lifting. Old School Wraps and Straps to assist in Strength Training. All Lifting Straps, and Knee Wraps Ship Free!

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Schiek Elastic Knee Wraps

Elastic Knee Wraps are Great for Heavy Squatting, Dead Lifting, Hack Squats or on any Exercise where Knee Support equals Performance. These 3" width Knee Wraps are Made in the USA ... More on the Schiek Knee Wrap

70" Knee Wraps

Pioneer Knee Tight 70" Knee Wraps help avoid Injuries 70″for Superior Support and made from High quality Cotton for Superior Comfort. Made in the USA! ... More on the Knee Tight 70" Wraps

Schiek Triple Red Line Knee Wraps

Schiek 1178 Triple Red Line Knee Wraps are composed of Extra Heavyweight Cotton Elastic for Extra Heavyweight Power Lifting. Hard Core Maximum Support; 3" wide and 78" long … More on the Schiek Triple Red Line Knee Wraps

Schiek 1150KS Knee Sleeves

Schiek 1150KS Knee Sleeves are made with 4mm thick Perforated Neoprene for air circulation and the Release of Excess Moisture. Superb High Quality Knee Sleeves provide excellent Support and are Washable … More on the Schiek 1150KS Knee Sleeve

Pioneer Knee Wraps

Pioneer Knee Wraps protect when maxing out on Squats. made from 3″ Heavy Duty Surgical Elastic! €œMade in the U.S.A.! FREE Shipping in the Contiguous United States.... More on the Pioneer Knee Wraps

Tommy Kono Knee Bands Prevent Injury and Give Great Support Providing Stability and Improved Circulation
Tommy Kono Bands

Schiek Power Knee Sleeves are designed by and endorsed by Olympic Champion Weightlifter Tommy Kono. The Tommy Kono Bands Provide excellent support providing Stability Improved Circulation. Stretchable and Washable ... More on the Tommy Kono Power Knee Sleeve


Double Red Line Knee Wrap

Double Red Line Knee Wraps preferred by Heavy Lifters offer superior support for Knee Reinforcement during Squats, Power Cleans, Leg Presses ... Made of Heavy Duty Surgical Elastic; durable and comfortable. Easy on and off. Made in the U.S.A with 100% USA Materials ... More on the Red Line Knee Wraps

Blue Defender Knee Wraps

Blue Defender Knee Wraps are a Super Strong Wrap for Heavy Lifting offering Superior Knee Support than Standard Wraps. Rest assured Blue Defender will help in Smashing PR’s. Designed for Advanced Lifters ... More on the Blue Defenders

Pioneer™ Guardian Knee Wraps

The Pioneer™ Guardian Knee Wraps are made from the Super Heavy Duty Softest Elastic available. Knee Support Powerlifting Exercises such as Dead Lifts and Squats. VERY Firm yet VERY Comfortable used by Professional Powerlifters during Competition ... More on the Guardian Knee Wraps

Silver Beast Knee Wrap

The Silver Beast Knee Wraps are made from the Heaviest Elastic in the World! EXTREMELY firm yet surprisingly Comfortable. The very Best Supportive Elastic and used in Professional Power-Lifting Competitions and Olympic Weightlifting. Available in 2M, 2.5M, and 3M ... More on the Silver Beast

Commander Knee Wraps

Commander Knee Wraps are made from Extra Heavy Duty Elastic offers Firm Support During Dead lifts, Squats and Olympic Weightlifting. The Commander Wraps are used for Competition in 2M, 2.5M, and 3M sizes. Use what the Pro's use buy the the Commander Knee Wraps. Made in the USA right here in Texas... Commander Knee Wraps

Schiek 1200 Power Lifting Hooks

The Schiek Model 1200 Power Lifting Hooks combine a rugged hook with a deluxe wrist support. 2.5" wide Durable Steel Hooks with slip resistant coating, 1/4" thick and 2.5" wide neoprene. The 2" outside strap and durable buckle ensure a secure grip ... More on the Schiek Power Lifting Hooks

Schiek PLS 1000 Padded Lifting Straps

1/4" Thick Neoprene Wrist Support Sewn Perpendicular to the Wrist and used by top Olympia Competetors such as Jay Cutler ... More on the Schiek 1000 PLS

Schiek 1000-DLS Dowel Lifting Straps

Deluxe ¼” thick 3” wide neoprene wrist support. 6” long nylon/acrylic strap with unique die cut rubber dowel for a quicker ...More on the Schiek 1000-DLS Dowel Lifting Straps

Schiek 1000 LLS Leather Lifting Straps

High quality genuine leather lifting straps, Extra thick 1 ½” wide natural leather.Full 18” length.Made in USA ... More on the Schiek 1000LLS Leather Lifting Straps

Schiek 1000-BLS Basic Lifting Straps

1 ½” wide 18” long nylon/acrylic webbing for optimum grip and durability. Value Priced Made with pride in USA ... More on the Schiek 1000-BLS Basic Lifting Straps

Schiek 1000 BPS Padded Lifting Straps

Schiek 1000 BPS Padded Lifting Straps Prevents Feeble Grip Strength from Limiting Gains. Neoprene padding for added comfort and made in the USA ... More on the Schiek 1000 BPS Padded Lifting Straps

Grizzly Cotton and Padded Lifting Straps

Military Web Cotton Lifting Straps. Sold in Pairs and Available in 4 Colors or Neoprene Padded ... More on the Grizzly 1 ½” Lifting Straps

Grizzly Deluxe Cotton Lifting Straps

These 2” Wide Durable Cotton Lifting Straps provides a Softer Feel The Large 2” Wide Design Prevent the Strap from ... More on the Grizzly Deluxe Cotton Lifting Straps

Grizzly Grab Pads

The Grizzly Grab Pads Provide a Great Feel for the Steel so Go Ahead and Squeeze Right Down to the Bar and Experience a Superior Stronger Grip than Ever Before. The Grizzly Grab Pads are ... More on the Grizzly Grab Pad

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