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Ab Exercise Equipment that can Target all Major Core Muscles: the Rectus Abdominis, ("six pack"), Obliques, Transverse Abdominis and Low Back for the most effective Ab Workouts possible! Technically Upper and Lower Abdominals are not separate Muscles but they are  Functionally  Different. Work in the order of Bottom to Top, (i.e. Start with Lower Abs First).  For True Functional Core Strength Abdominal Muscles and Low  Back Muscles must work in Balance; on this page you will find Ab / Back Machines for Abdominal Workouts and Low Back Extension Exercises. All Ab Exercise Equipment Ships FREE!, Exercise Equipment, Murfreesboro, TN

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Dual Function Ab Machine

Body Solid GAB300 Ab Machine Cuts to the core! Total Ab Workouts with Dual Functionality: Targeting Lower Abs with Knee Raises and Targeting Upper Abs with Crunches. 45-degree Seat Angle puts you in position to Isolate the Abdominal Muscles, for a more efficient workout. The Best Fitness Ab Crunch Bench with Two Additional 5-degree Reclining Positions ... More on the Body Solid GAB300 Ab Machine

Abcore Junior Ab Machine

Abcore Junior allows Total Ab Workouts with Dual Functionality: Targeting Lower Abs with Knee Raises and Targeting Upper Abs with Crunches; then just Simply reach down under the seat, (while seated), lift the red handle, slide it left or right for Isolating Obliques! The Abcore Junior trains the Entire Abdominal Wall making it the most complete Ab Exercise Machine Available … More on the Abcore Junior Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Body Solid Semi Recumbent Dual Ab Machine

The days of dreading Ab Exercises such Sit –ups and Crunches on a cold, hard, unforgiving floor are over the Body Solid GAB350 Semi Recumbent Synchronized Dual Ab Machine allowing users to Increase or Decrease Resistance with Weight Plates. Perform the most effective crunches possible no matter what your level of fitness even when having trouble finishing a set of Crunches using your own weight … More on the Body Solid GAB350 Semi Recumbent Dual Ab Machine

Yukon AB Crunch Machine

The Yukon AB Crunch Machine is perfect for anyone working to achieve powerful, tight abs! Isolates Abdominal Muscles for a Front Abdominal Workout. The Adjustable Cushioned Seat, Ankle Supports and Club Design make the Yukon Crunch a best buy Ab Machine … More on the Yukon AB Crunch Machine

XMark Rotary Ab Back Machine

The XMark XM-7463 Commercial Rotary Ab Back Machine is ideal core-sculpting 11-gauge (2” x 3”) Steel Gym Equipment giving users the ability to go beyond Body Weight by adding Olympic or Standard Weights Plate Resistance. Top of the line Rotary Ab and Back Machine, Designed with a 360 Degree Full Range of Motion Cam, 4-position adjustable seat .. More on the XM-7463 Rotary Ab Back Machine

Body Solid Ab & Back Machine

TThe Body Solid Ab & Back Machine is a Dual Function Weight Machine allowing users to get a Great Workout on two major Muscle Groups in one small footprint! The innovative plate-load design is based on Health Club Single Station Machines. Incorporating a 2” x 4” Commercial Grade Steel Mainframe permitting users to bring an Institutional Quality Workout Machine Home .. More on the Body Solid Ab & Back Machine

Low Back/Ab Exercise Machine

Heavy Duty Ab Sculpting and Core Body Strengthening in one Machine Silky Smooth Sealed Bearings at all Pivot Points, Heavy Guage Steel, ROM Control & Superior Ergonomics ... More on the Ab/Low Back Machine

Body Solid Leverage Ab Bench

Delivers six-pack abs and well-developed obliques like no other machine! The Curved Back Pad of the ad bench puts you in a Pre-stretch position for a Full Range of Motion from 30° back of Center to 30° front of Center. Heavy-gauge 2” x 3” Steel ... More on the Leverage Ab Exercise Machine

XM-4416 Adjustable Slant Board

The XMark XM-4416 Adjustable Ab Bench is designed with users in mind. Twelve Vertical Height Adjustments allows targeted Abs from every Angle. Mounting and dismounting at steep angles is now effortless with the Bullhorn handlebar … More on the XM-4416 Adjustable Ab Bench

XMark® XM-7461 Adjustable Ab Bench

XMark® XM-7461 Commercial Rated Adjustable Ab Bench is a Gym Equipment Slant Board with Twelve Positions of Incline. Support Horn permits performing Decline Leg Lifts and allows easy entry/exit. Ideal for Schools, Gyms, YMCA's and any Discriminating user's Home Gym … More on the XM-7461 Commercial Rated Slant Board

Body Solid Pro-Style Ab Board

Centered on a telescoping 2"x 2" Steel Beam, adjusts to 12 positions Increasing or Decreasing intensity when doing sit-ups or crunches. The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board Features an Extra Wide ... More on the Pro-Style Ab Board

Mark® XM-4360 Adjustable Slant Board

XMark 6 Position XM-4360 is an affordable Adjustable Ab Bench. Core Targeting Workouts with 6 Position Height Adjustments. 2” x 2” 14-gauge steel construction is a full size Abdominal Slant Board with a 350 lbs Weight Capacity High Density Cushioning. Sculpt a Six Pack … More on the XM-4360 Adjustable Slant Board

Element Fitness Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench

Element Fitness Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench is Rugged Gym Equipment. offering an array of Ab Workouts with Multiple Decline positions permitting Crunches, Sit-ups, Leg Lifts, Decline Crunches ... 8 inch Upholstered Rollers and Wider Rear Leg offer Unmatched Stability, Simply Superb Ab Exercise Equipment … More on the Element Fitness Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench

DF-2 Valor Fitness Decline/Flat Ab Bench

Valor Fitness DF-2 Decline/Flat Ab Bench is great for a Multi-angle Abdominal Crunch/Sit-up Workout or Flat to Incline Dumbbell Benching. offers a wide range of Adjustable options such as a Calf Pad for comfort, Adjustable Ankle bar for support, Wide Seat cushion for Stability, and reinforced Steel Back Braces for safety ... More on the DF-2 Ab Bench

Valor Fitness DF-1 Flat/Decline Ab Bench

Valor Fitness DF-1 Flat/Decline Ab Bench is 2" x 4" and 2" x 2" 11 Guage Steel Commercial Quality Ab Crunch Board. Blast Abdominals from 12 Angles Contoured Pad behind the Knees and Shin Supports distributes the pressure away from Knees and Back. The extra-wide … More on the Valor Fitness DF-1 Adjustable Ab Bench

XM-4350 Curved Decline Ab Bench

For best results you Work other Muscles through a Full Range of Motion; the Abdominals are no different! The XM-4350 Curved Design Ab Bench is a perfect 20° Angle for working Abdominals through a Full Range of Motion something you can't do on a Floor. 5 Decline Positions to Blast Abs from Every Angle. Stop doing "Half-Crunches" on the floor ... more on the XMark Curved Decline Ab Bench

Yukon Back & Ab Bench

The Yukon Back & Ab Machine will Build Core Body Strength by Combining a 45° Hyper Extension and Sit Up Board in one unique Space Saving Design.. Core Body Strength helps enhance Performance in Virtually every Lift, can also help in Reducing Injuries and Decrease Low Back Pain. … More on the Yukon BAM-160 Back & Ab Bench

XMark 7460 Mini Ab Bench

The XMark 7460 Mini Ab Bench with 2" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Construction is serious Gym Equipment fits into any Health Club Facility or Home Gym, even the smallest space.. Thick 3” Duracraft Padding, oversized 4” Vinyl Covered Roller Pads Eliminate Stress on Pressure Points. A Steal at this Price! … More on the Commercial Mini Ab Bench

XMark 4415 Mini Ab Bench

XMark XM-4415 Mini Fixed Decline Ab Bench offers extra thick 3” support cushion and oversized 8” x 4” ankle and knee roller pads. featuring superior Knee and Ankle Support often overlooked on Mini Ab Benches the Fixed Decline Position concentrates on Abdominal Muscles without neck strain ... More on the XMark Mini Ab Bench


Valor Fitness DE-4 Sit up

The Valor Fitness DE-4 Sit up Bench uses 2” x 2” 12 gauge steel tubing and a longer seat pad allowing complete support for multiple user body sizes. Adjustable 4 roller pad design supports both knees and ankles while in use. 4 rubber end caps on frame add to the stability … More on the Valor Fitness DE-4 Sit up Bench

Best Fitness Ab Crunch

Tone, Sculpt and increase Core Body Strength. Ergonomic Design Tightens up the Abdominal Wall with Decline Cruches to Improve Core Strength. 45-degree Seat Angle puts you in position to Isolate the Abdominal Muscles ... More on the Best Fitness Ab Crunch Bench

Ab Exercise Equipment-Get in Shape with FitnessScape!

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